Musées de Franche Comté

Presentation of the museum

A museum out of the ordinary, where we speak of both yesterday and tomorrow.
Yesterday, there was an authentic cellar for aging Comté cheese, or a farmhouse with a “tuyé” chimney for smoking meats, a house of pink granite, a timbered barn…more than thirty traditional Comtois structures from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, with period furnishings, that were dismantled at their original sites and reassembled here.

Tomorrow the museum will be a home to animals, those protected or in danger of extinction, an environmental reserve of gardens and orchards, with events and exhibitions concerning the bioclimatic habitat, cultures and ways of life reflected in the mirror of the environmental situation.

Today, it is a museum which thinks and acts sustainably, from water management to the choice of products available in the museum boutique and coffee shop, not to mention energy and waste management.

And because the word “museum” rhymes with “pleasure”, the park is alive with workshops and festivities all year long! At the Outdoor Museum of Comtois Houses, the idea of a living heritage assumes its full meaning!