Musées de Franche Comté


Podcasting allows users to automatize and to subscribe free of charge to downloads of guided tours. These mp3 files can then be listened to at a later time on a portable digital music player or on a personal computer.

How does it work?

1. First you must download a podcast software (most of which are free) :
- iTunes (free)
- Winamp (free)
- Juice (iPodder) (the “historic” player)
- or other free software

2. Install the software on your computer

3. If you choose iTunes, click on the link “Subscribe with iTunes” to be found on the page “Subscribe and download tours” of the museum you are interested in. The entire download and subscription process is then automatically managed by iTunes.

4. If you prefer another podcast management software, cut and paste the universal link from the RSS podcast flux found on the “Subscribe and download tours” link of the museum you wish to subscribe to and then follow your software’s instructions.